Friday, 27 September 2013

Blessing Behind the Culture of Ketupat

 Who doesn’t know about this food made ​​of rice which wrapped by coconut leaves? We can only them at certain times. On Eidul Fitri, this food has became a mandatory meals at home. Ketupat become a culture in Eidul Fitri celebrations.

Tracing the history, Ketupat was originally introduced by Sunan Kalidjaga, he colaborated it with Islamic tradition in the community who already has a tradition as a form of culture acculturation. At that time, many Indonesian people who still embraced animism and dynamism. That’s why Sunan Kalidjaga introduced celebration of Eidul Fitri and Eidul Ketupat. Eidul Ketupat held a week after Moslems did sunnah fasting in the month of Shawwal. After that, the celebration will be held with Ketupat tradition.

Nowadays, Ketupat culture has brought blessing for many people, including Mr. Asmat. He is a Ketupat’s weaver and seller. This 24 years old man is come from Malimping, Banten. There are around 30 people weaving and selling Ketupat in Bintaro market. Just like Mr. Asmat, they are come from Malimping, Banten. Mr Asmat sells his Ketupat at a price of 700-800 rupiah per piece and he used to sell it in bundle. In a bundle there are 10 Ketupats, it means Mr. Asmat sell his Ketupat for 7000-8000 rupiah/ bundle. Mr. Asmat also sell Ketupat’s wrap that hasn’t been woven at cheaper price. It is sold for 4000-5000/ bundle and there are 50 sheets in each bundle.

Each region has a different way of doing this Ketupat tradition. In other region, Ketupat tradition occurs at the time of Eidul Fitri, but not in Banten. They are doing Ketupat tradition on the 21st of Ramadhan. This is why the weavers choose to Ketupat in Jakarta during Eidul Fitri. They’ve been selling Ketupat in jakarta for 3 years. They know information about it from a friend who has worked in Jakarta for a long time, said Mr Asmat. To sell Ketupat in Jakarta, Mr Asmat and other sellers had to pay their rental car at 80 thousand rupiah (round trip). On average they carry up to 1000 pieces of Ketupat’s wrap that will be woven in Jakarta. To make a good Ketupat is usually required coconut leave that is not too old or too young. Usually they buy these leaves per tree by buying from their neighbors in Banten. Each tree sold for 5000 rupiah and is usually there are 100-200 coconut leaves in a tree.
In one day Mr. Asmat could sell up to 500 pieces of Ketupat, it means Mr. Asmat gets income up to 400 thousands Rupiah. What a huge income for Mr. Asmat since he is a unemployed man in Malimping. That is a blessing from Ketupat for Mr. Asmat and many people, and now he can bring home the money for his family who have been waiting for him at home. Behind the holly victory, i give a lot of blessings to others, especially ketupat traditions.

Author: Yuwi jamal

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