Friday, 27 September 2013

Tourism and Community Mindset Change

There are always two sides in every option as well as tourism. On one hand, it helps to improve the economy of local people. But on the other hand, it will change the community mindset about the importance of destination.
The material needs is a major factor of change.
When we are going somewhere, what is our purpose?
- Just have fun and tell people that we’ve been there?
- Or we want to learn and open our eyes?

If you decide to choose second option, then let our eyes wide open to find out that Indonesia is now experiencing a crisis of national identity.

We can prove it by visiting several tourism objects in Indonesia, I find a lot of social changes after one place became a tourism object, whether it changes for better or worse.

Sometimes money makes people forget and ignore the importance of balance. They’d do anything to make money. not concerning about the damage and long-term sustainability.

Where Indonesia which is famous for its hospitality? Seems it lost when a place turn to a tourism object (where many domestic and foreign people come). People in that place  they turn into people who only think of the material, while visitor will judge about how and what we are by interacting with local people.

-          Many people only think to make profit, selling souvenirs and offer services with high price, or force visitors to do what they want. They think that the visitors will not come to visit again, it makes the merchants and sellers of services set a high price. But if they think wisely, they should offer something reasonable and offered according to the needs of tourists. Remember, every tourist will keep in their mind about their experience whether it is pleasant or unpleasant. It will embedded within them and will be passed on to others, especially these days where everyone is free to write their thoughts in a blog, and will be read by many people. It is unfortunate if Indonesia is considered as a country whose citizens who always insisting others or sellers who set a high price  -

What can we do to anticipate the excessive commercialization of tourism object?
Ø It will be better to read an article or find out information about a destination before visiting. we don’t want our vacation end up with running out of money?
Ø Exploring a destination place using our own way sometimes more fun and memorable than rely on the recommendations of others.
Ø I think to write about a destination in detail and warning will make people who would visit more alert, and slowly it will change local residents’s way of thinking.

Let's make a change, and make Indonesian tourism better than before.

Author: Lulu Sulastri

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