Friday, 27 September 2013

Travelers contribute Damage in Indonesia

Pride as an traveller can visit many exotic places, found things that others couldn’t find, upload “unreal” photo, looking for a rare satisfaction, and come with a "guest’s mental" is something wrong!

When we come to a destination, the first thought we have is to take pictures from the best angle, and upload them without providing additional information about the actual fact of the destination, or ask a friend to take a picture of yourself with the background scenery, upload them, giving information place, and a little writing on the status hoping to get a comment?

Come on!! Just grow up!!
What do you look for when doing a trip? looking for entertainment? get a nice background image? or just want to show everyone that you've came to many places and considered as an "explorer"?
Learn to be wise by searching for information as much as possible before come to a place, to minimize damage in our destination place, minimizing the cultural changes that occurred due to the arrival of a stranger, and frankly tell what is seen there without exaggerating.

We have a responsibility for the changes, good and bad of a change depends on what we produce as an information.

Stop exploitation of Indonesia's nature, let's enjoy it without damaging and disturbing, be a smart traveler, who think twice before doing something that is considered as "cool".

Many people are already aware and began to travel smart, come join us and be a smart traveler!

Woman backpacker greetings!

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