Friday, 27 September 2013

Preparation for Woman Backpacker

There is no restriction to travel, but certainly we need fast moving and quick response. Compact multi-function stuff is absolutely necessary especially for a backpacker. And if we are female backpacker or a lone ranger maybe my experience will be useful.

In a trip, sometimes me and Yuwi visit more than one location. Usually we will come to a place, then we will go to a place where “local people said - great - " or " local people said - odd - " and then visit new areas on our way home. So no matter where our destination is, a mountain, beach, jungle or city. We always have the same and put them in one bag (usually we share stuff, but I will explain it in outline)

What should we prepare before our departure?

1. Prepare a comfortable bagpack with lots of pockets and don’t forget sleeping bag
Separate :

  • Often used items : mobile phone , camera , place nickels etc.
  • Often needed items : a place of drugs, handkerchief/ tissue, anti mosquito lotion praying tools, wallet etc.
  • Reseve items : a jacket , umbrella , raincoat , flashlight , etc.
  • electronics : with charger
  • woman stuffs : makeup, sanitary napkins, etc.
  • Wet stuffs : toiletries, dirty clothes
  • Clothes per set (outwear + underwear + accessories ) adjust it with how long the trip will be.
  • Groceries
  • Travel stuffs : Drinking bottles, nasting + stove, sleeping bag, tent (if taken), etc

2. Each group of stuff should be wrapped separately
In this step we already know how and where to keep each group of stuff. For example, i am using a bag with minimum 3 outer pockets (left-right side, and upper side).

    • Put travel necessities, meals and clothes in bag’s main pouch.
  • If we carry a laptop, wrap it with waterproof and anti-shock wrap. I usually use it’s cover and wrap it again with waterproof plastic.
  • Put woman’s stuff, toiletries and electronic stuff on top side so it will be easier to find
  • If the bag has 3 small pockets (usually at the left-right edge and top/ front)
  • Put reseve items in front/ upper pocket (usually it’s bigger than other pocket)
  • Put often needed stuff in right pocket (if you are right-handed)
  • Electronic stuffs in left pocket
  • Close the bag and wrap it neatly with cover bag.

Another tips from me :

  • Separate money with a big value (100.000 or 50.000) from small changes. Save big value money in a wallet with id card and ATM card, “open  it only when it’s necessary”.
  • If you have to bring laptop/ netbook/ notebook, open it in a closed room.
  • Bring digital pocket camera (Camdig) to capture every moments a long the way, only use big camera for a special moment.

I suggest to bring pocket camera since it to be carry and hidden. We can drap it on our neck and hide it behind our clothes. It will prevent us to be a target of those who has bad intention on us. There are a lot of pocket camera with a good resolution. However, quality of the picture doesn’t depend on the gadget, does it?.

  • Bring power bank to charge mobile phone, laptop, etc.
  • Don’t use fancy mobile phone when you are in the crowd.
    • Usually i use an unpopular mobile phone with long lasting battery, can be used for browsing, calling, and SMS.

  • Dressed according to the situation and place
    • Usually i bring more plain shirt, and outer, and scarf with color and motif that can be paired in many colors.
  • FYI : i like using accesories. Sorry, but this is my woman’s instinc.. :p 
    • But don’t use too much accesories.
  • On my departure and back home, i wear the same jeans.
    • I wear pants made of comfortable materials will make me easier to move in my every activities, either in the rain or heat).
    • I also bring more shoes, for traveling I usually wear rubber shoes suitable for all weather, because it is still seemingly polite and if it’s rain will be easily to drained.
  • To me, cover bag is more than just a cover for a bag. It can cover everything inside the bag, so i always use it on any weather and circumstances.
The point is when we are travelling with a low cost, don’t look “fancy” to prevent us to be a target of criminals.  Stay cozy in transit, clean, and don’t bother our traveling partner will make us enjoy the trip.

Author: Lulu Sulastri

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