Friday, 27 September 2013

Right Food for Traveling

Before determining what kind of foods we will bring for our supplies, we have to know any type of food, then selecting which ones we can bring for the trip.

Wherever we would go, to a the place full of sellers or not, for me this is very useful to repress hunger while i’m on the move, i can keep having good food and of course save on travel budgets.
  • Carbohydrates , Useful as a source of energy for our activity. It is obtained from starch-containing foods , such as rice , corn , wheat , etc.
  • Protein, To replace the damaged cells. Obtained from : beans , meat , eggs etc.
  • Vitamins and Minerals, For immunity. Obtained from vegetables and fruits .

Next, selecting food we can bring for the trip.
  • Get long lasting dried nutritional foods.
  • Get easy to carry food
  • Don’t make instant noodles as a staple food
This is a food list that I usually prepare for lunch during the trip plus from various sources, of course i must consider how long is the trip and the type of destination i am going to visit :
  • Milk powder  : throw the box, use only the plastic wrap.
    • Protein content and high vitamin B contained in the milk will be very helpful in the process of growth of brain tissue , neurotransmitters and enzymes.
  • Ginger milk mix powder
    • My experience when i’m traveling i always exposed to "cold" and ginger is my best friend when the weather and the stomach is not friendly.
  • Oatmeal  : throw the box and use only the plastic wrap.
    • Oatmeal contains a source of vitamin E , vitamin B , potassium , and zinc . All of these important substances will help your body and brain to work optimally. Oatmeal is very good for breakfast, as it will be the fuel for brain in the morning.
  • Crackers : made ​​from wheat.
  • Butter : placed it in a container that easly can be opened with a tight lid.
    • I usually add butter on crackers during the day for an energy booster.
  • Peanut butter : rich in vitamin E and has a caloric content of starch.
    • Vitamin E is an antioxidant that protects cell membranes nerve. Vitamin E also can support the brain and nervous system in use of glucose as brain energy supplement. Also added to the crackers at snack time.
  • Instant noodle
    • Okay for this one is the alternative when my Indonesian tongue needs salty foods. I will use this food when perishable reserved food depleted, such as bread. Or when it is really no food sellers in the area that i visited.
And the most important is, i must take mineral water in my cans, food utensils, and stoves..! !

Author: Lulu Sulastri

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