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Reog Ponorogo

Reog is an art that comes from Ponorogo region, its traditional Indonesian dance form. There are many types of Reogs in Indonesia, but the most notable ones are Reog Ponorogo (East Java) and Reog Sunda (West Java). Although both share a similar name, there is no connection nor similar theme among these traditions.
Reog Ponorogo seems to be the kind of dance drama that demonstrates physical strength and extravagant lion-peafowl mask and costumes, while Reog Sunda is a lot more like a traditional musical dance drama and comedy.
Reog dance is also staged full moon nightly in paseban, Ponorogo town square. Reog told about the struggle for a prince who will propose to a beautiful princess. Reog Ponorogo tells the story of a mythical battle between the King of Ponorogo and the magical lion-like creature called Singa Barong. Singa Barong is a large mask usually made of tiger's or leopard's head skin, upon the mask attached a large fan adorned with peafowl feathers. The Singa Barong mask was notoriously heavy, the dancer of Singo Barong bear the mask about 30 – 40 kg weight and supported by the strength of their teeth.
reog  use instument: gong, terompet, kendang, ketipung,and angklung

There are 5 components ReogPonorogodance, namely:
  1. King Kelono Sewandono
    • King Kelono Sewandono was a major figure in ReogPonorogodance . He is depicted as a heroic and wiseking, and is described as a man with wings and a red mask . He has the ultimate weapon which is called theSamandimanwhip .
  2. Patih Bujangganong
    • Bujangganong Duke was governor of King KelonoSewandono ,and is the protagonist in this dance . He is described as a duke who was small and short , but clever and agile . PatihBujangganongis called '' penthulan ''.theDancers do not wear clothes , just a red vest and a red mask also .
  3. Jathil
    • Jathil or Jathilan was  a band of female warriors on horseback . In the ReogPonorogodance , dancers Jathil are women . They are depicted as beautiful and brave  warrior woman. Costumes worn by dancers Jathil is a white satin shirt. They wearudheng '' '' as head coverings and braids riding horses ( rocking horse made of woven bamboo )
  4. warok
    • Warokare Sewandono Kelonoarmy. they are described as having ‘mandraguna’ magic and cannot be harmed by sharp weapons . Warok dancers are generally large-bodied men and .Warokare dressed in black ( black baggy pants and a unbuttoned black shirt) called Penadhon . Penadhon is now also used as an official cultural clothing Ponorogo .Warok is divided into two , namely WarokWarok old and young . Their difference lies in the costumes worn , where Warok old wear a white shirt and carry a stick underpenadhon , while young Warok wear nothing but penadhon and do not carry a stick . Warok’s ultimate weapon is a thick white rope.
  5. pembarong
    • Pembarong is a dancer who has the most important role in the Reog Ponorogo dance .Pembarong are dancers who will bring sudden very large mask ( lion head mask with red bird ornaments and feathers on the head of a lion) one-half meter . Pembarong wearing black trousers and shirt kimplong( shirt only has one hook shoulder ) and had to bite the wood on the inside of the lion's head to lift the sudden peacock . Pembarong should be someone who is very strong , because he should be able to lower the sudden peacock to touch the floor and bring it up again to the upright position . Singobarong symbolized as a peacock suddenly , and in general this is what makes sudden peacock dance ReogPonorogo be very unique , because it forms a very large and mask as well as the typical philosophy in it . Therefore, pembarong really need to have high skills and abilities in order to turn Singobarong he played.

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