Sunday, 29 September 2013

An Island losing identity

You can call me "someone who likes to indulgence in disgrace". I really have no intention to frighten travelers who want to go there, but this is the fact that we need to face and solve together.

Don’t ask about the beauty of this island which is located in the southern area of Java. When we talk  about Sempu, traveler's eyes would sparkling and said, "i want to back there!!".
And for those who hasn’t been there would say "I want to go there"

There is no doubt about the beauty, privilege and popularity of Sempu Island among the travelers, they are trying to get pictures the best pictures then uploade on social media or kept as a reminder of the sweet memories of a trip.

But have we ever think a heavy burden that Sempu island bear?
A small island, which is part of conservation and nature reserves area which have been converted to a natural attractions?

The island is losing its identity as a nature and conservation reserve, but also don’t have tourism facilities that qualified it to be a natural attraction.
A brief conversations with officials of Sempu island resort has opened my eyes, that apparently some people (i don’t know who they are) are trying to make Sempu Island Nature attraction and removing its attributes as a Nature Reserve.

It is worth to be discussed. If Sempu Island status as a conservation and nature reserve, then certainly it’ll be difficult for visitor to come and go to this place because it’s feared would damage the ecosystem which is maintained. But in reality, everyday Sempu island is visited by many visitors from various places. And since they are pity those people who come all the way to visit Sempu, now it’s difficult for the resort to ban them to come and visit. –this reason can be understood-
But what happens after that? Many visitors come as "King" and regard this island as their "home". Why home? Because they might be used to littering in their home and familiar with all these mess at home. "Attitude and behavior comes from habit" -just forget my awful english-
Even as a natural attraction, Sempu is not qualified. At least they should be able to manage the preservation and hygiene.

Therefore, I encourage all the people who live in Sempu, people who love and feel they also own Sempu, people who just came, people who has intention to come, and anyone who cares about the preservation of Sempu to support and assist relevant agencies to seriously managing Sempu Island. At least to clarify status for this island.

Author: Lulu Sulastri

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