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Train Fare Bandung - Kutoarjo

It was on 9 May 2013, while people busy looking for train tickets as preparation for Homecoming, I was actually busy looking for the remains of economy ticket. As we all know the economy train has turned into Economic class with air conditioner. Ticket price to pasundan rise from Rp 38.000 to Rp 100.000, too expensive for backpackers like us.

Finally my credibility as a backpacker was at stake. I went to Bandung train station with a great hope to find some Economic tickets.
A beautiful customer service of PT . KAI made me down by saying "no economic tickets!! "
Okay , let's try on a group of gentlemen wearing PT.KAI’s uniform who seemed more friendly .
My natural instinct to get a cheap price is always right!! They say that the economic railroad wasn’t really extinct, they advised me to go to statsiun Kiara condong. To get this valuable news is like getting a diamond. Suddenly this group of gentlemen, who are staff of the operational area, look handsome so i want to hug them tightly. The next mission is to find the remnants of a civilization that would soon disappear. Let's go to the Kiara condong train station without wasting any more time .

Just like what the beautiful Customer Service in Bandung Station told me, the same answer came from a customer service officer in Kiara Condong train station. But I have a silver bullet, staff of the operational area. Yes!! the customer service officer eventually relented by giving economic train ticket costing 19,500 to Kutoarjo. Unfortunately for Kutoarjo – Bandung’s return ticket I had no option but to buy tickets economic train ac with price Rp 50,000. Well, at least I only need to pay Rp 69.500. both Lulu and I, we only need to pay 139,000 until we reach Central Java. It's worth it!!
At least if we running out of money in Jogja, we know how to return to Kutorajo. So we’ll be safe !
May 22, 2013
JOGJA here we come ! Yulutrip goes to JOGJA !
According to the schedule, departure time written on the ticket is at 9 PM. Me and Lulu set off through the torrential rain, and it was defeated by our strong willing. Before we went to train station, Lulu’s Polish friend, Aga, came to visit us. After travelling around Indonesia and three days in Bandung Aga finally back to his hometown. After having farewell with Aga who also had to catch flight in Soekarno Hatta airport, we also had to catch public transportation to take us to Kiara Condong train station. Looked at our watches hundreds of times, to made sure Aga won’t miss the flight, and plus Lulu Fell in front of the train station. Finally we arrive to the Kiara Condong train station on the last minutes.

* Ontime check in : Ok !
* Aga ontime check in : Ok !
all kinds of slack Vein
Kiara Condong Railway Station
There was a train falling in Cipeundeuy! Departure was delayed and we had to wait 8 bus that will transport all passengers heading Ciawi Station. Everyone complaint and disappointed, but me and Lulu who sacrifice our relaxing  time on the bed and choose to go through the rain with adrenaline sports to come here on-time, but we just had no problem with that!
Because PT. KAI is so kind-hearted, giving a free cup of instant noodles and a bottle of mineral water as a apologize. Quite hoping it’ll often happen..  hahaha.. i like free meals anyway..  :-P
Thank you PT.KAI
* Free Breakfast for 2 person : Check !

Since we weren’t in rush as the other passengers, we decided to use 8th bus to reach Ciawi, because the train left Ciawi at 3 AM anyway. Though we already had our free instan noodle and mineral water, our instinct instinct to get more free meals still working anyway. We smell a chance to get another free noodles. Hoping there are some people who has a healthy life without noodles and leave it for people like us..
But our was instinct wrong this time! No extra noodles or hot water to brew it. Although we eagerly checked every carriage, from train carriages to the tail of the train. The result was nothing!
Kutoarjo Train station
about 8 am we arrived Kutoarjo. Our next missions were:
·      Ask for hot water : It worked!
·      Wi -fi : It worked!
·      Showers and free poop : It worked!

So, to reach Kutoarjo from Bandung :
s  Transportation cost from the boarding house to the Kiara Condng train station was Rp 6.000
s  From Kiara Condong to Kutoarjo was Rp 19.500
s  Breakfast : Free
s  Toilet + bathroom : Free

Total money that we use rom Jatinangor - Kutoarjo : Rp . 27,500

This is unbelievable!! We can use this amount of money to eat at Hanamasa and will get a lot of menus. But at the same cost we arrived to Kutoarjo .

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